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Let Precision Printing help with your next "Every door Direct Mailing"

     Looking to increase your visibility in a strategic neighborhood or geographic area? The Every Door Direct Mail program, available through the United States Postal Service might be just what you need! Sending mail through EDDM is simple, comprehensive, and inexpensive. Because EDDM mails to every recipient on selected routes, you don't need a specific mailing list with names and addresses. Instead, you can choose the neighborhoods you'd like to target using a USPS online mapping system that is free, and easy to use.

Benefits of EDDM

     Every Door Direct Mail has three primary benefits: it is simple, comprehensive, and inexpensive. For local businesses running a small campaign, EDDM retail is a great place to start. With EDDM retail, you can mail up to 5,000 pieces per day, and you can simply drop these at your local post office. Each mailed piece costs less than the price of a stamp to send, and the online mapping tool helps you narrow your focus. Since a mailing list is not needed, EDDM is extremely accessible for businesses new to direct mail marketing. EDDM also offers an efficient turn-around time on mailings (less than two weeks). 

 Is EDDM right for you?

EDDM is beneficial when you are

  • Looking to create awareness among potential customers in a neighborhood
  • Hoping to save money on pre-purchased mailing lists
  • Sending oversized pieces at a low cost
  • Targeting a particular region or mailing route demographic
  • Thanking local customers for their patronage

EDDM is right if you are

  • hoping to advertise in a way that increases name recognition or branding
  • Sharing a universally needed product or service

EDDM is helpful for highlighting

  • New branches, locations, or staff members
  • special sales, events, or promotions
  • Grand openings or product launches
  • Coupons, menus, service lists, or changing hours of operations

EDDM is often used by

  • General retailers, auto dealers, furniture stores, and supermarkets
  • Insurance agents and realtors
  • Banks and financial advisors
  • Healthcare providers, veterinarians, or fitness clubs
  • Dry cleaners, salons, and spas
  • Churches, non-profits, and political campaigns

Have more questions? Contact Matt Thompson at 913.663.3330 or email at

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