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Direct Mailing for Non-Profits

We have two questions that are typically asked about Non-Profit Direct Mail: 

1. “Does Direct Mail still work?”

2.“Can I afford it?”

The answer to both questions is of course “Yes.” Whether you’re a Private School, 501(C), University, Arts Organization, Museum, Foundation, Charity etc., Non-Profit Direct Mail has an average response rate of up to 6%, versus 0.1% for social media marketing to a 0.5% to 3% for Email.* Clearly, Direct Mail is still an effective marketing tool.

When you combine Direct Mail with digital and social Media platforms, you create a real-life, physical connection with your donors and audience. And unlike some social media ads which can be easily scrolled-over or emails that are overlooked and delivered to a Junk folder, Direct Mail has a 100% open rate…because it’s literally delivered into the hands of your audience.

*Some Quick Facts about Non-Profit and Direct Mail:

78% of donations for Non-Profits come from Direct Mail

56% find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing

48% of people retain Direct Mail for future reference

44% of customers visit a website after receiving Direct Mail marketing

*The Data &Marketing Assoc.


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